I Do Fantastic Work

So yes, I have a side job taking external pictures of real estate for a company that has listings. I think I’ve gone out about 20 hours so far. It’s been a little bit of a learning process: angles, speed, keeping track of which addresses, uploading them properly so they can be used.

My friend Doug hooked me up. It’s his job, really, but he farms work out to me So far, some pics haven’t been at the right angle, some were to big memory- wise, some were uploaded in the wrong order. In fact I have to redo some work from my first trip out.I messed some work up.


But most has been pretty damned good. I’m fact, today I received this message: 

Nice to see improvement. I’m excited. I intend to make this work. My schedule is less and less free, but that’s ok. I’m hustling. It’s a good thing. 

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