So I finally spent a night at Mona’s house. The weekend, actually. It was strange for her, new man in the house her newly-signed ex-husband moved out of a month ago. 

It was strange for me too. There are still some pics of him up, though she has taken some down. 

Their wedding picture is still up. 

I’m not going to give her shit about it. She’s going through a lot. 

However, I had to use her computer to print something. It was an online doc and the printout had the Yahoo version or something in it… and there was the ex husband’s name again. I think maybe because the computer is registered under his name or something.


You know what else was odd? Sleeping in the same bed he slept in on alternate nights as recently as a month ago. Yes, the sheets are new. But still…

Eh, I guess the same weirdness can be said about sleeping in hotel beds and the massive overturn in them, who knows who’s sleeping in those beds, but those are awkwardnesses that we don’t even entertain because we’ll never sleep in hotels again. 

I wonder if I can ask her to at least change the toilet seats?

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