Hard Working Rex

I mentioned a while ago that I picked up a side job taking external photographs of houses for a real estate listing company. This was my third weekend doing it. I had a memorial to go to on Saturday so my time was cut short. And with light being shorter as winter approaches, I got to the neighborhood that I’m assigned to around 8am on Saturday and 730am on Sunday. I think i only put in 5 hours in total. Sunday I had to see Mona so I couldn’t stay that long. 

Truth by told, I should get there for 7am. It’s good light.  But I need to ease into waking that early on the weekends. 

It was near the beach, so yes it was chilly. Not that I’ll be working by the beach forever, but regardless… I’ll probably not like this much in the dead of winter but for now it’s good. Lot’s of walking. I’m physically drained after a few hours.

But I gotta do what I gotta do. Every day this week had some sort of work in it. Gotta hustle. Bring it on!


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