Gratuitous Rex… Professional Photographer (Side job acquired)

So here’s something freaky. I suppose this can go into the Coincidence bucket… but this is to the point where I’m just floored… and thankful. 

So i was at my therapist on Monday, Oct 17th and we were talking about my credit card debt. I built up a good amount while unemployed and my new job pays such that i can’t put a quick dent in it. And to be fiscally responsible, I’ll need to get a side job. I mentioned it in a previous blog post. She, my therapist, asked me how much I would make before I see her next. I chose $200. 

I started noodling it around that week but honestly… was procrastinating. 

On Thursday Oct 20th, I get a text from my friend Marc. As he put himself through grad school, Marc had a job where he was a real estate photographer for a listings company. We’re talking about photos of residences, they don’t necessarily need to be for sale. Kind of like Google Earth, but they can’t use Google Earth without paying for it. 

Anyway, Marc  graduated grad school and got a day job but now he farms out the photo work as his side job. 

I hadn’t spoken to Marc in a while, and as I mentioned, on Thursday Oct 20, I got a text from him: 

He says he can get me 40 hours/ month. He normally pays $20/ hour, but because I’m “a bro,” he can offer $25/hour. So potentially, that’s an extra GRAND every month. OFF THE BOOKS (i think.)


Of course, I’ll have to be creative to get those hours in, since every other weekend I’ll be with Mona from 7pm Friday to 4pm Sunday. And with the shorter daylight in the winter, shooting before or after work on weekdays will be challenging. 

So, if he has 8 hours of work for me this weekend, that’s $200. 



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