Infectious Enthusiasm

So at my new job, I have a person supervising my onboarding. I’m not really sure if that’s necessary anymore since I’m 3 months in and am pretty acclimated. 

Anyway, on one of our calls, she was giving me some positive feedback, said I have “infectious enthusiasm.” Why thank you, I’ll take that. Especially in a client service role, that’s good to hear. I hope she tells my boss, although i do believe she said she did. 

I’ve always been Mr Upbeat, Fun and Happy, for the most part. It’s hard for me not to be that.  It’s the niche I’ve carved out. It’s my strong suit, and my crutch.  I’ve added some things around it but that’s my core, go- to way of being. 

But as long as it gets me noticed at work and a pay increase… I’ll take it.

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