Do you dick around before sleep?

So ok… lots of sleep is good for you. Eight hours, as they say. I’ve gotten eight hours of sleep probably 5 times in the last 20 years. Easy. 

“But Rex… aren’t you a single guy and can pretty much make your own schedule?”

Great point, good reader. So why aren’t I the most wellest rested man alive?

Because I “dick around” as Mona and I call it (she does too.)

Facebook, blogging, watching TV, reading… whatever. Those are the immediate rewards for my instant gratification. And for me… watching late TV dated back to 1987. I was 14/15 and finally got a bedroom of my own and had a TV in my room. 

TV shows in syndication at 11pm! M*A*S*H! Taxi! The Odd Couple! And later on Cheers and Seinfeld! 

And at 11:30pm…  Johnny Carson! Such great monologues.  So funny! The sketches!  The fun interviews! I would go to bed somewhere in there. Sometimes I’d stay up to see part of Letterman at 12:30am.

So basically, i have a long history of dicking around. There’s tons of momentum. I no longer watch late night TV, not often anyway. 

But… i really need to start my winding down around 10:30pm. If I can be asleep by 11/11:15pm I’d be thrilled. I need to eliminate Facebook and read a little more.  Then good night. 

Does anyone else dick around (in the sense that I’m talking about?)


  1. I go to bed when I am tired, that just unfortunately happens to be typically around midnight. Still doesn’t change the fact I have to be up around 5:15am! Oh well…I can catch up when I am dead.


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