Cucumbers? In water? It’s delicious? 

Oh yeah. You read correctly. 

I’m sure I’m late to this party. But (at this point) several months ago that was offered somewhere I went.

Cucumbers in water? What sorcery is this? Why would anyone do that? Cucumbers go in salad, and that’s it, right? That’s their only purpose. Otherwise, they’re not tasty at all.

Ok, I’ll try it.

Wait! What’s this? It’s…. good? Yeah, like… REALLY good.  Dare I say REFRESHING. 

Ok… like many things, it took me a while to implement it on my own. But last week I bought a cucumber and dropped slices in my Britta water filter.

Let me tell you.  My life has changed. Humans should drink a whole lot of water every day. And I could never do that.  Not that water is bad tasting. Its not anything tasting. Somebody said once that “we” have no problem drinking 6-8 beers but 6-8 glasses of water is difficult. 

NOT ANYMORE. Cucumber water is my entrée into good hydration. I enjoy drinking it a lot more than regular water. 

Go figure!

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