Getting a Second Job

Ok, I have a full time job again. Its been 3 months and looks good.  I’m picking it up well, learning and taking on more responsibility. 

And… it’s a 20% cut from my last full-time gig. And my savings took a hit during my unemployment. And my credit card bill has grown : (

So until my full-time gig grows into a more prosperous career… i need a second job. Something on the side… maybe after 5pm during the weekdays. Maybe alternate weekends too.
A friend works as a package handler at a courier 4-8am. Something like that would work, I think. Or maybe a stock room. I’m strong. Or maybe working in a bar or restaurant. Or work for a caterer.

I’ve put some initial feelers out there and need to stay in this until i get a breakthrough in this area.

Any suggestions? 


  1. when I was looking for a 2nd job, I considered driving for Uber or Lyft. Its a great way to make $. The only thing that kept me from doing it is that you don’t know where they are being picked up or going to until you accept the job. I didn’t like that unknown. You can also just be a Currier for them to, instead of picking up people. Check them out. Good luck!


  2. While I worked at a theater previously, I went back to it as a second job. Easy money in addition to the money at my grocery job full time. It’s worth it as long as you have a plan to accommodate both jobs. That was my problem and I had to quit the theater because I kept having to call out.

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