Duration vs Frequency, Relationship Stuff

So the schedule shift has arrived. Due to Mona’s soon-to-be-ex-husband’s new work schedule, Mona is no longer free to see me on ANY weekday evening- we previously had Monday or Wednesday. Mona will get the kids EVERY evening M-Th. It stinks for the kids but his work schedule is such that he can’t be with them at all during the week before they go to bed.

BUT… her weekend schedule is changing too. Because the divorce paperwork is being signed this/ next week, they’re moving towards a new weekend schedule.  Namely, on an alternating basis… one weekend I only see her Sunday 1-6pmish… then the next weekend I’m with her Friday 7pm-Sunday 6pm.

So… one week i see her for 5 hours… BUT… the other week i see her for 47 consecutive hours (of course in there will be house chores and stuff.)

I’m not sure how I’m going to like this, seeing her so infrequently. We’ll try it on, see how it goes. The 47 straight hour thing. That will also be a milestone for us, I think, the longest we’d be with each other in one stretch. That’s a good test. 

To make up for the lower frequency, I may drive out to her office once a week on a weekday morning and work from there. She has a private practice and a spare room. All i need is a plug and internet. We should be able to have lunch together and have the occasional cuddle. 

We’ll see how this goes. 

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