My “Regards” are neither “Warm” not “Kind”

So yes, I work in the corporate environment. And I write many emails. When they’re to people i don’t know very well, especially clients, i write them slightly formal (except “Dear…”. what am I, filling out a Mother’s Day card?)

Anyway… emails, like all good things, must come to an end. But how to sign off? An ex-boss of mine used to swear by “Best,” and I picked that up to. 

But my current company has their own way they like things. Now, I could use “Best,” but many of my peers use “Regards,”. Ugh, so overtly formal sounding. But ok. Fine. 

But I draw the line at “Regards,”- no “Warm Regards,” or “Kind Regards,”. Warm sounds nice, like warming the cockles of my heart. And Kind? Who doesn’t like kind people? So generous. So thoughtful. 

So unnecessary! So cheesy! Have people read “Regards,” and thought “Damn, that’s really cold and stingy”?

This is 2016. We’re no longer typing in typewriters. Let’s evolve people.  Loosen up!


  1. mmmm… I always use ‘Thank you’ and then my signature goes under that. I stick to ‘Thank you’ becase being a services improvement officer I’m usually asking people to DO things. ‘Can you please action this report’ ‘Can you please organise a fire drill for this location’. However, in my writing life I use ‘Kind regards’ for queries etc…

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  2. Forgot to add – ‘thank you’ seems to lessen the negative impact of my work emails – for collegues I know well I add an exclamation mark and smiley face, but only for the ones that do the same to me. It’s a pretty casual work place though

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  3. In my corporate setting, I have to admit I typically use “regards” in more formal/official correspondence. A simple “thanks” works though for a quick note to peers or even to my immediate supervisor.

    Guess I am a bit old fashion?

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  4. I send emails to clients all day long some days. My sign off depends on the degree of familiarity I have with the client. New clients or those I am sending bad news to get the “Best Regards” treatment. Clients I’ve worked with through several projects would get the “regards” in a sign off, and maybe a “thanks” if I am asking them to do something (like provide the deliverables mentioned in the quote that I need to finish the report they are whining about) Messages amongst colleagues & peers rarely get anything more than a “thanks” or “have a good weekend”. But since we are a technical services provider, I never, ever use “warm” or “Kind” in a salutation. Geeze, I’m not their therapist!

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