Why Working From Home ROCKS: 

So my “new” job is coming up on three months now.  And it’s working with a big corporation and we do have an office in Manhattan.  However, I and the rest of my direct division work from home. I don’t have to visit clients or physically interact with people. 

At first I thought that would be unpleasant, not being able to go over to someone’s desk and ask questions. Not being able to have office banter. I thought my working relationships would suffer greatly and that I’d feel lonely and removed. I originally thought I’d still go into the office a couple days every week just to interact with people. But now, I can honestly say…


I don’t have to commute. For me it would be on the subway. An HOUR each way.  TWO HOURS EVERY WEEKDAY. Now I can’t exactly sleep late, my body wakes up around 7am on its own. But now I have time to run a mile most mornings. My endurance is now such that I no longer run out of breath walking up stairs.

Oh yeah, health.  IT’S ON!

And I take NAP at lunchtime.  You read correctly:  SIESTAAAAAAAA!!! My managers encourage taking a full hour for lunch so the opportunity presented itself and I beat the crap out of that hot iron. Oh yeah. Work/life balance! 

A 20-30 minute power nap in the middle of the day! This is fricking AWESOME. I’m very very thankful! 


  1. I get to work from home a few times a month, avoiding a 1/2 hour commute each way. Absolutely love it. I can VPN in to my companies network and we have instant messaging abilities, so I never really miss anything. And no commute stress. Can’t imagine an hour on the subway. Could be quite the freak show some days I would guess.

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    • There’s some craziness in the subway… homeless people asking for money or food, people preaching about Jesus, some dancers preforming for money… but usually it’s just crowded


      • Sounds like Decatur St. In New Orleans. They keep the beggars off Bourbon St. but they just moved to Decatur to prey on the tourists.


  2. Working from home is awesome, I love it. There is no commute, I can work when I want, where I want. I can work in my pj’s if I want. I don’t miss the drama or office politics. I started working from home as a freelancer after I had to go on disability for medical issues. It allows me to supplement my income and do something constructive.

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