So apparently a man meditating in a parked car in front of one’s house is spooky

So I showed up in a friend’s neighborhood a half hour before the 1pm invitation time to watch football. Yes, I could have showed up at the house early, but I had a strange morning and needed to just chill out for a bit. (“Strange” meaning I woke up with Mona and thought I had very light chest pains for a while. Mona freaked out, was about to go to the hospital when they stopped as quickly a they started . I’m fine.)

So I just pulled over in the street a few blocks away from my friend’s house. I texted a bit, then tilted my drivers seat back closed my eyes and started doing some affirmations to get centered. 

After like five minutes, I open my eyes and I FREAKED OUT, twitching with panic for a couple seconds at the sight of a man, holding a coffee mug, standing next to my passenger side door, crouching over and looking in at me. 

Ohhhhhhkay. I roll down my window. “May I help you?” he inquires.

 Obviously, he was the homeowner of the house I was parked in front of, but I was still a bit freaked out. “No.”

“What are you doing here?”

 I explained I showed up early for watching football and just pulled over to meditate. He asked me to move away from his house, that there was a park down the road. 

Something tells me that when he said “May I help you?” he really wasn’t interested in helping me. I think he meant “Fuck off.”

Ok, people think they own the street in front of their houses. And i hadn’t realized that someone just staying in a parked car can seem weird. But I can see that. People do drugs and zone out in their cars. Plus my right eye  which was closer to him, doesn’t always look in the correct direction. So that must have made my “meditation” argument less convincing. 

With that, must have been weird watching me as I had my eyes closed, smiling, saying “SUCCESS… SUCCESS… SUCCESS”

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