When a Practical Stanger says “Hope to see you soon”

Ok, my ol pal Joe posted from the Mets game with his older brothers Ryan and Sven, who I knew through him when we were growing up but I haven’t spoken to either in probably 25 years. And I don’t talk to Joe anymore, just the occasional FB comment, and at a reunion every 5 years or so. 

I said hi to them on FB. Sven replies back with general greetings… then with a “Hope to see you soon.”

Now, unless there is MAJOR effort on his part, not only will I NOT see him soon, but I will probably NEVER see him again. 

Which is fine. 

Now, assuming he just said that to be polite… it’s still weird. There are infinite things he could say: Glad to see you’re good, say hi to the family or whatever. 

But a person whom I have never had a relationship with to say “Hope to see you soon”? That’s just creepy

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