I can bend reality to my will!


1. So I have to do some prep work for s thing at work, during the off-hours at night, and I could really use Wednesday evening to prep.

Wednesday is date night with Mona. I don’t like breaking that commitment since we’ve been seeing each other very little these past few weeks. 

But… I could use the extra time. 

However, in came a text from her today. Her live-in, soon-to-be live-out ex-husband’s mom is having a medical procedure done and he needs to be with her Wednesday evening. So Mona has to watch the kids and we CANNOT hang out tomorrow. 

So the universe listened and provided… or it obeyed me and provided. Either way… thanks!  I mean yes, I’m not seeing Mona until the weekend and that does suck. But I need tomorrow night. 

2. My apartment is a mess.  That’s not news. It’s not that far from being presentable, maybe 3 hours of cleaning, which I never look forward to.

My weekend plans were to meet Mona and her friends in the city on Saturday, they’re going to a matinee. We’d then have dinner then she was to come to my place in Brooklyn and I’d drove her home on Sunday.

BUUUUT… Mona texted about her needing to lug a bag with a change of clothes and other things into Manhattan first. She’s coming in the railroad, so it would be cumbersome. 

Ok, fine.  I’ll meet her in the city then we’ll go back to Long Island instead of the County of Kings.  It’s a bit of a hassle for me… but at least I won’t have to clean so soon. 

Look what I did. The universe is bending to my will again. Far out!


  1. This could almost be filed as a coincidence. You need time Wednesday evening and POOF! Mona’s soon-to-be ex MIL needs surgery. You have some pretty strong mojo there Rex.

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