Family Drama

Does anybody have any family drama? I’ve been blessed with very little in my life. Until recently…

So my step sister Michelle was divorced and married another man, Frank. Frank had two kids from a previous marriage: Jason and Trudy. I’d see them like twice a year,  as they mainly stayed at their mother’s house. A couple years ago, I started sending them Hannukah gifts too. They’re never with me for the holidays,  but an Amazon gift card is more than easy to do. Frank really appreciates the gesture. 

At this point, Michele and Frank have been together like 12 years. I like Frank a lot. Good man. But apparently behind closed doors, things are difficult. Michele has never been nice to Frank’s kids, for some reason. 

Truth be told,  Michele and I aren’t close at this point so I don’t know what’s going on with her,why she’s not being nice to Jason or Trudy. I wish I did,  I always feel like I can be a great counselor. 

Two months ago, Frank invites me to Trudy’s wedding. Nice.  I actually have a connection to her fiancé. Black tie affair too. I actually bought a tux since I make money again (Frank works in the garment industry,  got me wholesale.)


Today, I get a call from Frank. There’s excessive drama between my sister Michele and his daughter Trudy and Michele has forbade any of her family from being invited/ attending the wedding. 



Get it together, people. I REALLY have to find out what’s going on now. This is just weird. It’s Michele. She has a history of causing drama, but she’s the oldest, I’m the youngest, we’re rarely in the know of what’s going on. 

Frank told me that a divorce is imminent. This fucking BLOWS. I’ve grown to love Frank and appreciate what he brings to the table. 

Ugh. I HATE family drama. 


  1. I get along with my mother-in-law quite well. Unfortunately I cannot say that about my parents whom I do not have a relationship with anymore. I simply made a choice to sever all ties to remove any/all family drama associated with dealing with them.

    As a point of perspective, your step-sister has no right (or authority) to forbid anyone in the family from doing anything. You need to do what your heart and mind tell you is right in regards to Frank (specifically Trudy’s wedding).

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