Long Island Farms, Shelter Island and an $18 Piece of Pie

So I had Sunday free. No Mona. No other plans.  What to do?

Lately, I’d been wanting to drive almost to the eastern end of Long Island’s north fork. There are lots of farms, food stands and wineries. 

Plus a family friend Betty and her new husband, Stan live in that general area. 

I wasn’t in the mood for wine. I’d been drinking for 3 nights straight, I needed a break. 

So out I drove. 

My first stop brought me a cider doughnut and roasted corn.


Then I drove a little further to one of the most famous stands in the area. And what are they famous for?


Ok, I can’t spend $18 for a pie for me to eat one slice. And I can’t eat an enter pie. So I looked around for other things to get there. There are plenty of fresh vegetables. Buuuuuut, since when do I eat fresh vegetables?

But then it hit me? Sweet divine inspiration! I realized how I could justify buying a pie:

Betty and Stan. I was going over their house. Can’t show up empty handed. Wouldn’t be respectful. “What if they are on diets, are gluten free or something?” Bah! Who doesn’t like pie?

“One apple crisp pie, please.”

So I went over their house, pie-in-hand. Gave them the pie, sat down, had a couple drinks (DAMMIT.) Then we went out, took a car ferry and had a great afternoon on Shelter Island.

So nice. People with money stay there. But we shlubs just visit for the afternoon and pretend to have money. 

Great dinner. Relaxed for a bit. We go back to their house and I suggest eating the pie.

“Thanks, but we’re eating healthy these days… but you should take it home with you.”

YES! What a stroke of PROVIDENCE! I can now eat ALL OF THE PIE! And feel guilt free about buying an entire pie for myself because my original intention was to SHARE it and leave some behind.

(OK maybe I won’t eat ALL of the pie. After one more slice I think I will have gotten my money’s worth.)


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