Welcome back, Greenland and Iceland! I’ve missed you! 

Ok, I don’t go on my blog as much attention as I used to. I’m lucky if I post once a week. It’s still fun but I’m more all over the place mentally. 

However, I still do enjoy getting traffic from foreign countries (I’m in the USA.) So great that this is an easy way for people to communicate GLOBALLY. 

I’ve had visitors from Iceland but that was last year. None in a long while. And I’ve only had one from Greenland (those are definitely on my travel wish list.) For a long time that was my white whale. That too was last year… EARLY last year… and nothing since.  


Yes I’ve had visitors from many counties this month and I’m grateful for all… but I haven’t seen love from these two in a while.  

Welcome back, ol buddies.

(I used to be friendly with a blogger from the Cook Islands, which was AMAZING too (Also on my travel-to list) , but alas, I haven’t seen any activity from her in a while. I remember the blog name but I can’t seem to find it. Perhaps she deleted it. That sucks. Besides the fact that I got traffic from the Cook Islands,  she was a nice person : ( )


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