She’s High Maintenance and, Thankfully, She Knows It

I was with Mona, having a quiet, lazy day.  At some point, I was going over the things I love about her… in a fun, over-the-top kind of way.

“You’re beautiful. Boom! You’re smart. Boom! You’re fun. Boom!…”

“I’m high maintenance.”

BOOM!”I said exaggerated, in a “THANK YOU for saying that” kind of way. I reminded her of the scene in When Harry Met Sally where Harry says Sally in the worst kind: she’s an HM but she thinks she’s an LM.

“Oh no,” Mona said, “I KNOW I’m high maintenance.” Of course, she added “…but I’m worth it.”

Now, as I’ve been blogging and mentioning my tiffs with her, fellow bloggers have noted that she’s high maintenance. And, of course, they’ve been right. I know she is. 

But… it’s GREAT that she knows it too. She hasn’t mentioned it in ages, but it gives me the license to playfully bring it up occasionally.

And she should bring it up more often,  in my opinion. When a person owns up to their idiosyncrasies, they can be forgiven easily. “Hey, I know I’m high maintenance, but I really like it when (fill in the blank.)”

Owning up just creates a space of ease and forgiveness.

Ah, relationship fun. 


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