The Last of the Victory Steaks

Wow. I went out with a bang. The whole concept of “Victory Steak” came from my being unemployed at the same time as a friend, Spencer, and I said “I’ll enjoy that victory beer once we get jobs” then he said “how about victory STEAKS?”

And the Victory Steak was born. 

At this point, my gf Mona took me to one… then I took HER to to one.

And tonight, I took Spence out. When we first sat at the bar, we had beers. Yes, they had Victory IPA:

After the first beer, we sat at had our steaks: 

HOLY CRAP it was DELICIOUS. Filet.  Medium rare.

Now that’s a first class meal. $200+ with tip for two people. But i got the new job so i footed the entire bill. Can’t have those every week, or every month… but once in a blue moon is just right. Nice to treat myself occasionally to the finer things. I deserve them.

I’m very thankful for my new job.  I’m in my fifth week so far, doing well. Bring on the continued SUCCESS. 


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