Bookended by Donuts

So my lunch today was small: the last of a batch of stir fried chicken and vegetables. Healthy. But it wasn’t enough to fill me for even 2 hours. I knew I had to supplement it with something. But what? 


That’s right. Nutritionally,the exact opposite of chicken and vegetables. But dammit, a donut sounded good. It was a gorgeous day here in Brooklyn. Lows 80s, low humidity. I could use a walk. 

You know how when you want something you can always find ways to justify it? This was JUSTIFIED. 

So off I went anf I got a Bavarian Cream donut at the local Dunkin Donuts a few blocks away. Come to papa.

Later in the evening, I met with two friends from the old neighborhood. Tapas, drinks, fun. Yadda yadda yadda. I start to go home. But on my walk to the subway I think that I’m not really full and that I’ll be hungry before I went to bed. Which isn’t good, in my eyes. 

But wait! What’s that I see? A DUNKIN DONUTS? What sorcery is this? God must want me to have one.


Boom. Croissant donut:

Damn that was GOOD. Thank you, God. I’m a happy man. Full…but happy. 

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