We can rebuild him. Stronger. FASTER. (New best time running) 

So I’m in pretty good shape muscularly. I worked out a good amount in my teens and it served as a good base for me to build on so far as I’ve gone to the gym in my adult life. My shoulders, chest and arms are in good shape.  Not meathead good, but you can tell I’ve worked out in my day. Mona likes grabbing my arms too. Bonus! 

But… my endurance is ATROCIOUS. I never really had a passion for thecardiovascular. Biking, running or anything else really. I’ve done them sporadically but not really interested. Feh. Oh, I know it’s good for me,  but still… Feh.

Anyway, about maybe five weeks ago I started jogging a mile in the morning. Just around my neighborhood. I was unemployed so I didn’t have to get up very early in the morning. I could still jog the mile and start my job search around 9.

But now I have a job. BUT… I work from HOME. Yes! I can continue jogging in the morning without getting up extra early.

Note, I’ve been using the operative word “jog.” I did not “run.” I use an app, Runkeeper, to track my pace and I would go at a 12+ minute mile.

That’s jogging. 

BUT… the day I got my job offer I RAN. I had two interviews with the same company that day and I was feeling focused that morning. I had Salt n Pepa’s song “Push It” going through my head, plus a FB friend said to have a great day and I took that on that day. 

So I pushed and ran a 10 minute 23 second mile. First time I even broke into the 10 minute range.

Effing A! That’s what I’m talkin bout. 

Later on that day I nailed both interviews, got my job offer and accepted it.

After that, my runs were back over 11 minutes. Was I not pushing? Were the humidity and heat too much? Who knows? 

Well, today I decided to swing my arms a little more forcefully while running, to give me a little more momentum. And I ran a 10 minute 7 second mile.



Ok, I know that’s nothing to real runners but that’s a huge breakthrough for me. I’m so damn pumped to see that. 

Let’s see how long until I break into the 9 minute range!

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  1. Okay I was wheezing at the end of your post, lol. I hate running too. I don’t mind cardio if it is fun (like when I was doing martial arts) but just running – blech!

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