Great Win at Work + Sea Legs Coincidence

Hey all, 

So work, my gf and coincidences. That pretty much describes my blog (with a little snark throughout.)

So I’m doing great at the new job. I had a little different client inquiry to answer today. We had a phone call about it and my higher up asked me if I wanted to try it or let her take it because it was complex.  I said I’d give it my best but she’s proofing it anyway before it goes to the client. 

I did my research and wrote up what I thought the response is. She wrote this back:

GO REX,  right? (And she cc’d her boss too!)

I immediately took that screenshot and sent to a friend,  sayin:

Sometime later, I’m trying to get people to come with me to a friend’s music gig tonight. I texted one friend, Duncan. He responded:

So I guess he’s not coming tonight, and…

Waitaminute… he also used “sea legs” not an hour after I used “sealegs”? I NEVER hear that word/term used. Wow… what a COIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINCIDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENCE!

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