A Surprise Victory Steak

At some point I mentioned that a friend, Jackson, and I were unemployed at the same time and when one of us got a job he’d buy us BOTH a Victory Steak meal. It started as a victory beer but then it got manly. (Yes I know women like steaks too. It was just an expression. Geez.)

Jackson struck first and after a month of his new yob (sic) we went to a fancy place in Manhattan whose basement was an old bank vault. Cool. And the food was delicious. 

(Unfortunately due to some corporate bs Jackson has since lost his job. Cocksuckers!)

So I got my new job now. Things are going well and we’ll probably go for our steaks in a few weeks. However,  I told my steak-loving gf M0ona about those plans and she talked me into buying her one too. Oh okay baby. So that’s coming in a few weeks too.

Now, last Friday Mona took me out for a congratulatory meal. A surprise meal of her choosing. And wouldn’t you know it… Steak.

You know, I think I’m done with porterhouse. I’m going filet only from now on..I hate all that fat.

And also, they had burrata mozzarella for an appetizer. 

Yes, please. Thank you. Absolutely fantastic.

We then went to an outdoor bar by the water, listened to a fun band and even danced a little. Jackson and I have no plans to dance with each other over our victory steaks, so this one was extra special : )


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