My First Accomplishment at the New Job

So today was day 4 at the new job.  So far this week it’s been lots of training on procedures and products. Online products, which are basically websites with certain fields to fill out in order to get specific information.

My company provides research information that other companies use and I’m a client service guy. I’m not sales, but post-sales management.

Part of the job is to set prospects/clients up with trial access to various info products of ours. I’m learning their proprietary online tools and the many steps to get that done, and the language of the industry.

Yesterday, a senior peer of mine (senior by TWO MONTHS), Sonia, assigned a ticket to me and….

WHAAAAAAAAAAAT!? To ME? ALREADY?!?! Madness I tell you!

Sure Sonia trained me the day before and gave me some reference material. But come on!

Ok, I tried. And was stuck. Was I in overwhelm mode, or did I forget everything?


I asked for help. Just to do it with Sonia on the phone with me, watching through Skype screen sharing (modern technology!) Lemme tell you, I learned more by doing than by watching.

It sunk in and I did two more such projects today, and asked more questions along the way.

I’m no seasoned veteran yet, but nice to be able to actually DO a function at work.

Tally ho!


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