Wearing a Suit on my First Day at the New Job in 90+ Degree Weather was a Bad Idea

Yes, the new job started today. Wow, I can’t believe I just wrote that. I mean, of course I CAN believe it, but things looked awfully bleak recently. 

(Insert your “it’s darkest before the dawn” here)

Anyway, I don’t have to go into the office at all. In fact, I’m classified as a “homeworker.” My whole department are homeworkers, actually. But I went in today. I had to meet SOMEONE on my first day, even if it was the HR and IT  people. I hadn’t met ANYONE during the interview process. Ah, 2016.

My boss was supposed to come in but couldn’t after all. Thankfully, there was a friendly guy sitting next to my hotel desk. He’s not in my dept, but he helped anyway.

Plus, he has long hair. Like Thor. Or the male model from the 90’s, Fabio.

That’s it. Fabio is no longer a model and is now an office drone in NYC. Tell everyone.

So yes, first day and I put my best foot forward, wore a suit/tie.

HOLY CRAP that was a stupid thing to do. It was HUMID and temperature in the 90s today. (Oh America, you’ll never give up on Fahrenheit.) Plus, turns out no tie/jacket necessary. I think ok to wear polo shirts too.

Oh well. I do love wearing a tie with a full Windsor knot.


Anyway, I am going to learn a TON very soon. My skills are very transferable but a VERY different side of my industry. 

Great stuff! And yes… MONEY!


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