Staying Positive, Continuing the Practices that Helped Me Succeed: A Job Search Lesson

So as you may have heard,  I accepted a new position after a long  unemployment from full-time work. Yay me!

I’ll admit, for a while I was frustrated, distraught and doubtful. I was pushing along but at times very negative. Woe is me!

Then at some point I decided to take back my mental state. If I were to get that career breakthough, I needed to be in a powerful, positive, focused state of mind. So…

1. I started writing Wins emails.  I mentioned that once before, where I email certain friends who want to receive them with my personal Wins since my last email.  I like to keep them to at least a few a week. The Wins could vary from having a great time with my gf to finding $ to having a great interview, etc. I’d done it once before for an extended period of time and I liked the difference in me.

2. Pray. I don’t feel very organized religious these days (though I’m Catholic) but I think SOMETHING is out there. And if nothing else, I believe in quantum physics and vibes and the power of thought in the universe.

So I pray.

In a gratitude way, saying “thank you for X” where X is a desired result as if the result is already here. I pray for many things for many people and for society as a whole, not just for my own stuff.

3. Affirmations/Visualizations. I absolutely believe that predominant thought patterns that I have were ingrained in my head through emotion and repetition. That goes for the negative and the positive ones. And they all put out vibes into the universe. Or they’re all mini-prayers unto themselves.

Now, I want to put more specific  powerful positive thoughts in my head to attract more specific results and make them hard to forget, like having a catchy song earworm that I can’t forget even if I tried.

So I found a few I want to put in there. And I said them. A LOT. With the emotion of having the result already.
(ie a few weeks ago I started saying “I got a great offer from a great company and I TOOK IT.”

Like 50 times,  3 times a day. So 150 times every day.

And I got that job offer last Thursday. So these all WORKED!

However, now that I got the result I want, I have to maintain this work INDEFINITELY. I need to show God/the Universe that I mean business in this life change that I created.

I became a new me to get new results. And I intend to not go back to the old me.


This new me needs to become everyday me. So I have to keep up my empowering practices. I have to keep going to the gym to maintain my goal musculature, if you will.


This is not time to rest. This is time to push the gas pedal down even more to get into an even higher gear.


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