“Open til 4am” means the same as “Open til 11pm” to me because I’m old

So I was in the city with cousins last Saturday and I checked in on FB from the location we were at, a great indoor/outdoor bar overlooking NY Harbor. We were outdoors : )

I have a friend Doug who lives nearby and Doug saw the check in and said “You’re in my area but don’t call me?”

I get it. I rarely see him. But I was with cousins and I like to give them full attention. He and I texted and I explained.

As we left it was like 930pm, they were going to their hotel, I to Villa Rex in Brooklyn. I texted Doug goodbye, but he retorted “Lucky for you that bar doesn’t close until 4am.”

Now, ok. He’s trying really hard to find a way to make it work. And he’s a night owl, doesn’t sleep much and stays out a lot at fancy bars and cool music showrooms. Plus he lives in Manhattan.  Plus he’s dating a 20 year old.

HOWEVER I realized one thing about me…

I don’t care about “going out” anymore. Not late anyway.

“Open til 4am” might as well be “open til 11pm.” This may just be because my subways run infrequently after 11pm and it takes >1 hour to get home. And because I’m watching what I spend.  Those still could be factors…


I just don’t have the energy I once had. I’m 43 and am (finally) feeling my age. It’s a good thing Mona and I (now that my career will be moving again) are getting more serious. Because our quiet, early nights in work just fine for me.

And when I’m not with her, earlier nights aren’t so bad too.


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