Yep you read correctly! My online presentation kicked butt. She was impressed that I was able to tell her things that she didn’t even know about her company’s online research product that I presented.

Then I spoke to her boss. She likes my enthusiasm, thought I was a great fit.

And THEN… an hour later…. the offer came in. Ok: money.  It is 20% below what I was making at my last full time job. Honestly, I gave her a range based on what I thought the job paid and she nailed the low end. Duh, of course she would.

(Sigh) Well 20% less than what I used to make is still livable for now and it’s MUCH BETTER than $0. Beggars can’t be choosers. And it’s still $10k above the NYC average for the job title, according to

I accepted!!!

Mona is fucking thrilled. I’m not quite sure if we’re out of the drama woods that came up recently, about if she will stay with me. But that was related to my employment so I’d think it’s but not am issue anymore. But who knows? On text she’s been great, we’ll talk on Friday.

Also, we’ll grab a VICTORY STEAK at some point soon.


I’ve been unemployed since before I started this blog. Sure, for a while I has a freelance job but still it wasn’t full time work.  And that’s been done since December.

WOW this has been crazy.  I’ve learned so much.  I’ll share lessons one day.

And just this morning, I spoke to my financial advisor and had him liquidate the rest of my investments (which was more than I thought.) That’ll stay uninvested for now.

WHEW! I’m looking forward to the next phase in my career.  And the ENORMOUS SUCCESS that I will have there.




  1. Way to go, Rex! Yaaaaaaaaaaay, yooooooooooou!!! As another down-sized guy who made it through the part-time freelance minefield to find a great and fulfilling fulltime job (after three years!) I feel fully qualified to share a happy dance with you, my blogging colleague, online friend and fellow New Yorker. Yaaaaaaaaay, yoooooooou!!!

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      1. Yes, Rex. First, a job at Lowe’s because I needed to get out of the house and rebuild the accounts some. It was good, honest work. Hard physical work! Now the communications job, back to my original field, at the library. And I am thrilled that it came along.
        Good luck on your new endeavor, my friend.

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