Trouble Sleeping with Her

ACTUAL sleeping, you pervs.

Mona and I sleep together one night a week, usually. Which means we haven’t really had the opportunity to build up momentum together, getting used to sleeping with each other.

Meaning, geez, I’m so used to being alone in my big queen sized bed that sharing it or her full sized futon always seems odd. I can never find a good position that I can relax into.

I never sleep well, always looking for a good position. Normally. .. alone. .. I’m a stomach sleeper,  sometimes with my arms out… which obviously can’t happen when I’m with a Mona.

And I can’t fall asleep while cuddling with her. WAY too hot!

I’ve NEVER been a back sleeper. And I’d rather not sleep on my left side.  I can EASILY FALL ASLEEP on my left side,  for sure, but I’ve hurt myself like that over the years with my left arm being compressed/ tightened/ twisted/ etc.

Mona and I need a good week together to get it right.  Maybe. Who knows?

Ugh I NEED to be able to find a way to sleep on my back or on my right side.


  1. Actually sleeping together is a learning experience for sure. I snore and for 23 years, my ex always complained about it. My new guy thinks it’s soothing…lol… whatever the case, you definitely need more time together. Good luck.


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