Spending with Love- Divine Discount

So yesterday I mentioned that a friend Jeff passed away yesterday.  I haven’t seen him in ten years, we just led different lives but I still had lots of love for him.

During the day, I remembered that Jeff  has many life stages, one of which was a recording star,  a singer. He’s toured and had shows.

During yesterday’s mourning on FB, someone reminded me that he had a CD of music out too. I instantly Googled and lo and behold, there it was on Amazon. On CD, not digital.  These were old. And there was one left. 

$27. Oddly expensive for a CD. Gave me a slight pause given my current financial status. Then I remembered something.

I loved Jeff. I’ve been saying money affirmations lately, one of which says Money leaves my life with gratitude and LOVE.

This was not a careless purchase. This is for the best reason, to remember and honor a loved one gone to soon.

Add to cart.

As I checked out, I noticed something odd. The price was $21.

Excuse me?  There’s a Amazon gift card credit of $6 being applied.

Now, I last used my Amazon like 3 months ago. I don’t recall entering a gift card.

Hmmmmm. I will take this as a sign. A couple signs. That I’m attracting money these days and will welcome it in all forms, and that Jeff is watching over me.

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