Death, Facebook and Emojis. RIP Jeff

So on Facebook I noticed that my friend Jeff was tagged in something. I knoe Jeff from when we were doing self help seminars together in 2003-2004. I probably haven’t seen him since but on FB the occasional comment or private message. So I clicked on the notification.

It was from him niece talking about Jeff’s passing….


Yeah,  Jeff passed away today. He had been battling cancer for two years and died from complications with a bone marrow transplant.


He was older than me.  He was 62 but he was forever young in spirit. Such a tragedy.  I’m still processing it. What a great man.  Generous, loving, strong, caring. Such a talented singer. For a big milestone birthday he rented out a small club and put on a show for us. He even had backup singers. Sang soul music.  Such a powerful voice.

When it came to the seminars, for a while he was a coach of mine. He dealt with my breakdowns with such care and humor.

What a great man. And what a tragedy.

So as I’m going down the niece’s status to look for details, they’re are many revisions of condolences. But I even saw this crying emoji:


You have to be KIDDING ME!  What the hell? This is an actual person’s death and someone leaves an emoji to express grief?  Come on now!

And I don’t care that it’s crying.  Give me a frickin break. Show some respect! Use your words! Are we so removed from life that we’re not noticing things that actually matter?


Anyway, what’s important is my friend.

God bless Jeff.  Rest in peace, friend


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