Ok, money’s been tight lately. And my car’s been filthy. And I don’t live in a house which would have a hose for me to wash my own car with.

So off to the car wash I went. I picked the Gold Package for $19. Ugh. But it’s necessary.

Then…I went to the cashier and she said that I had accrued points and this car wash was FREE.



Thank you, God,  I will take that blessing. I don’t know how she knew it was me. I didn’t know I had an account with them, didn’t even give any id. It was just like she knew me.

Or maybe it was just given out randomly.

Whatever the reason… who cares?  THANKYOUTGANKYOUTHANKYOU, God. I accept your generosity and can handle as much ABUNDANCE as you can give me. Bring on the money!


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