The Next Big Step: Girlfriend Met My Family

Yep.  You read correctly. My sister’s wedding was this weekend. She lives out of my state so it was a six hour drive. Mona cleared the time away from her kids, and came north with me.

My parents were there. The siblings and their families. Two aunts. Many cousins, some with kids. Nieces.  Nephews.

And Mona met them all.

Weeks ago, I gave her a breakdown of what to expect. Apparently, I painted my family in a bad picture, mainly giving their bad qualities. And she was concerned and nervous.

But everything was fine and everyone loved her. Or at least had positive things. She’s “fun,” “smart,” “lovely,” “has big boobs” (from my cousin Frank whom I’m very close with and we say anything to each other,) etc.

Mona and I danced too, which we do very well together.  I did piss her off about something right in the middle of the dance floor and she stormed away.  I chased and diffused the situation, talked it out, but went right back into fun awesome dance mode rather quickly.

And a bunch of us went out afterwards for a drink near our hotel, so that was fun, more time for her to experience the family and interact.

Frank got fairly drunk and told her over and over again that he was so glad she and I found reach other,  she’s great, I’m great, so happy for us.  It was pretty funny.

So overall, it was really great. Fun time and took our relationship and intimacy up a notch. The most consecutive time we’ve had together yet: 53 hours, I believe.

We’re madly in love. I know that sounds completely cheesy. Fuck it. I’m excited.  Things are going great


  1. Aaahhhh – I haven’t been on the blogs much this year, or the computer at all for that matter except to look for work. I am so behind on reading my fav bloggers. I am so happy you & Mona are doing so well! NOT cheesy – take it from me, this is what keeps love alive throughout the years . . . and I should know, just celebrated 34 yrs of marriage & 38 yrs together two weekends ago (high school sweetheart) πŸ™‚

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