My shoes don’t match but they’re close enough

So I went to a restaurant with Mona this weekend. It was warm out, was in a t-shirt and shorts, so I wanted to wear my comfortable gray Sketchers shoes. They’re slightly more formal than sneakers (or “tennis shoes” or “trainers” or others,  depending on where you live.)

I put them on and we went out in search for dinner.  Found a Mexican place that had an outdoor area in the back.

Awesome.  Enjoyed the food.  I even saw a friend there who lives in my neighborhood.

As we left, I knelt to tie my loose shoe laces to see this:


One gray Sketcher… and one gray sneaker (New Balance.)

What. The. Hell. Rex? Get it together.

Like a dope I actually pointed it out, Mona wouldn’t have known otherwise. But at this point in our relationship everything is fair game.

Obviously, wearing different shoes was a mistake. I know the deal and am not trying to start a new trend.

We both had a great howl on the walk home.


  1. That was a hoot lmao. Can’t say as I’ve done that. Socks yes, shoes no.
    We all need to be able to laugh at our self’s and yes, our friends ๐Ÿ™‚

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