Interviewing and Recommendations (and a Coincidence)

Ok so at my last full time job, for a while I was in client service in a corporate setting. As I left, I saved emails from clients that said nice things about the service I provided and subsequently printed them out to bring on an interview. But… before last week, I never had.

However… last week I had an in-person interview and decided I was going to bring them. The company’s parent company used to be a client of mine in 2010.

As I finished my prepping, I went through my printed emails and noticed that one of them was from that very same parent company of the company I was seeing that day.

Awesome, right?

You know what was ever awesome-r? The hiring manager that I was interviewing with,  who started at the company in 2013, ACTUALLY KNEW THE PERSON WHOSE EMAIL I’D PRINTED.


PS The hiring manager took me to the outside courtyard to conduct the interview, nice weather out and made for a relaxing setting. I think it went very well. I hope to hear back from them any day now.

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