Women use more toilet paper than I realized

So ok. My current relationship with Mona is going VERY strong (strongly?).  Almost 13 months and yes, the longest relationship of my life.

Great stuff. I’m learning all of the small details you get when you spend lots of time with someone of the other gender. For example…


Now I go through about a tp roll every week. I don’t buy the extra big rolls. I get the normal sized rolls (though the Ultra – Soft kind is MANDATORY. What am I, a savage?)

However, women use it for their… fronts… too, which, yes, I was well aware of. However, I hadn’t put together that so much was used each time and it adds up quickly, especially when she stays very hydrated throughout the day.

I had one tp roll left and Mona said that we needed to get more if she was to spend the night.

One roll isn’t plenty for a man and a woman for ONE DAY?

And yep, she was absolutely right. We needed another.

Another day, another lesson.


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