(Man + Subway + No Sunglasses) x Women = Creep

So I was on the subway yesterday and I realized that I forgot to bring sunglasses.

“Why do you need sunglasses in the subway,  GRex?”

A valid question, John/Jane Q. Reader.

Ok I’ll admit- Because the summer brings out a lot on lady skin in the city (and everywhere) so it’s nice to look around without them knowing I’m looking around.

I’m human. Sue me. Like I’m the only one, male or female.  Don’t judge.  Actually, judge away, who cares?

However,  I did NOT have my sunglasses yesterday, so i tried to be covert.

And I noticed something interesting.

If women themselves were wearing sunglasses, I’d look at them longer without realizing it. It was as if I, unconsciously, just assumed they couldn’t see MY eyes if THEY were wearing sunglasses. But in actuality, they could be seeing me the whole time as I am generously sending heebie-jeebies their way.

And then… I just read my book.  I hate being the blatant creep.


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