Do women really lift one calf when kissing?

Ok. A friend just posted a pic of her daughter kissing her bf as they left for the prom, and she had one calf raised in the air,  like


I just thought that was something women did in movies/tv. Like the director said “Ok, great shot but we need a little something else…hmmm… I know, (to the woman) why don’t you lift one calf up and back?”

But women really do that? Why? Just because they’ve seen it in movies and tv, like life imitating art? Or is there an actual reason? Does it mean he’s sweeping her off her feet but if two went off the ground she’d fall, so one still gets the point across?

It’s probably something über cheesy like “when you’re so in love it’s like you’re on air” or something.

Lady blog readers… have you ever done that?  If so, why?

Now i’m wondering if any woman has done that while kissing ME. Hmmmm. I’ll ask Mona tonight.


  1. Um, that would be a NO.

    Flamingo-ing is not my thing. Besides, I’d probably accidentally kick something if I went around throwing my calf back. Like the cat. Or a stray squirrel. Or some nosy old lady walking by. I’m graceful like that.

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