Blood Pressure Fixed

So about 5 weeks ago I wrote about having high blood pressure.

So since then, I’ve done yoga, gone jogging a little, limited caffeine to almost zero, limited alcohol significantly and cut back on my carbs. And drank a lot of Hawthorne tea.

The doctor still wanted me to have a stress test because I also have a bad family heart history and my last stress test was over a decade ago.

When the RN took my bp… “120/86” she said.

“WHAT?! Can you take that again?!”

I explained why I asked.  She didn’t, I hadn’t realized like it could have come off like I thought she wasn’t doing her job correctly.

Stress Test was stress-free. Did well on the treadmill, fast and inclined, heart’s fine.

Echo Cardiogram was also fine.  Clean and green.  BP was taken again,  120/81. Considering that this past month I’d seen 145/95, I’m SO RELIEVED.

Now I need to maintain health,  keep active, don’t slack off.



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