One Year with Mona in the books

Hey all,

So today is my one year anniversary with Mona. Wow, a year. Time sure flies.

On Friday we recreated our first date: went to the same restaurant and hotel bar afterward for a drink. Then unlike our first date,  we spent the night together.

Today is the actual anniversary and I saw her today too. I gave her a card and  few gifts. I bought a few knick knacks. The centerpiece gift was a Powerpoint collage, retracing many of our big dates with pictures.  I had it printed and bound at Staples. She called it the “best gift ever.”

However, she did not get me any gifts.  I got a card which was sweet. I didn’t mind no gifts,  we hadn’t discussed gifts. She didn’t even realize to get me some.  It’s ok. It’s only our first dating anniversary.

Part of me can’t believe I’ve had a year long courtship. That’s a breakthrough for me, as I’ve mentioned on many occasions.

And today I came clean. When we first started dating,  I blogged about having stretched truths about my longest relationships. Today she asked me and I decided enough was enough.  I told her the details about the women I exaggerated about. She didn’t seem phased at all.

I’m in love.  Go figure. This is already a breakthrough year. Now let’s see what else I can do.

For giggles, here’s a link to my blog post about our first date a year ago.


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