I can’t stand my own cologne

So some people wear odors. Cologne, perfume, lotions, oils, etc. We like to smell nice. Fruity, musky, light, fresh, sharp, manly, feminine.

In the late 80s/early 90s, my and my fellow guidos bathed in cologne. Drakkar Noir was by far THE most popular in the 80s. Funny but once 1990 hit, boom it was gone. We all silently agreed to stop wearing it.

There were so many others. Fahrenheit. Cool Water. Grey Flannel. Joop. Hanging with the guys was a clash of the colognes.

I admit, I love a good smelling woman. The first girl i had sex with used to wear a perfume called Tresor and after we stopped dating, if I had a whiff of someone else wearing it, I instantly thought of her.

And I’m a sucker for a vanilla or coconut lotion. Yes. I LOVE “stripper smell.”

I currently have some colognes in my bathroom cabinet, I rarely wear them.

I did put one on the other day for a shits and giggles.  I wasn’t going out, just hanging around the house…

And I smelled AWFUL. I’m not going to name the cologne, but WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING WHEN I BOUGHT IT?!

Mona has said that she likes it when I’m not completely drowning in it. How can she like it when it’s even lightly on?

I think I need to bring another one into rotation.


  1. I don’t like cologne or perfume. I also don’t like soap residue and the odor of that. I may be weird but I like a man to smell and taste like a man. I often wonder how men get past the slimy, sticky makeup-y crap that women put all over themselves. That stuff tastes awful and smells worse. Do ya’ll not notice that she’s coated in gunk, do you just get used to it, or does it appeal to you?


  2. I use simple coconut butter cream as aftershave cologne. Moisturizes skin, comforts and heals any razor burn, and just a hint of smell which is pleasant and never overpowering.


  3. I’m Cuban so every man I have ever been around wears cologne. My ex didn’t and it drove me nuts because it seemed so plain and boring. Captain wears Valentino and it smells divine on him.

    Victor and Rolf’s SpiceBomb is great. Even if it’s something light, just having something mixed with your scent brings sexy out!

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