A “Non-No” is a Good Thing- Job Search/Interview Stuff

So I’ve been interviewing a good amount.  This week I’ve had some good ones. Initial HR screenings with companies so we’ll see how they go.  One of them already spoke about bringing me in to meet people next week.

Last week, I met with a new division of my old company.  I had an inside connection. I made it through the HR screening so this was the hiring manager.

It went well. I didn’t get a vibe like he was bowled over, but I didn’t get that he was completely put off.

That was Thursday, by yesterday, Wednesday, I hadn’t heard back from him.  Which is not a good sign, but you never know. I sent him a follow up email.  He replied, said that he has no update, he’s still interviewing people.

Obviously, that’s not a great sign for me, the fact that he’s not asking me back in for another round.  However, he could have said I wasn’t in consideration for whatever reason. He could have told me “no.”

Yet, he didn’t.

I’m still in the consideration set. I’m still in there, angels are fighting on my behalf in his mind. “Rex has high value. Give him a chance.”

I’ll take it. I’ll take a “non-no.”


  1. Hiring processes make no sense and the only advice I can give is to not take in personally. And in some cases you just may be dodging a bullet. Good luck – I’m sure someone will snap you up soon.

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