Our One Year Anniversary Is Coming Up. Help!

Hey all,

I haven’t blogged in a while.  All is ok. I had an older cousin in town, gave him my bed for 4 nights or so.  I’ll blog about that some other time.

Mona and my one year anniversary is coming up. Yep. The big one. Very cool that it’s gone this long and there is no holding us back. We have plans in June and talk about further down the road. Things are going great overall.

There are still some times where I don’t know what I did wrong, but that’s relationships for ya.  I’ve gotten used to them. This is the longest relationship I’ve ever had and the first time i can say I’m “in love.”

She’s broken me in.

Ok, the point of this post: next Sunday we’ll be celebrating our one year. I need suggestions for things to get her. We’re already planning on recreating our first date, restaurant and a hotel afterward.  A drink at the hotel bar, mind you. Then some making out on the boardwalk by the beach.

And after THAT we’ll do something we did NOT do on our first date. Wink wink nudge nudge.

Ah, l’amour.

But gift! Ack! Flowers will be involved.  I haven’t brought her flowers in a while.

But are anniversaries like birthdays where big gifts are involved, or are they more sentimental?

For Valentine’s Day I had to tell her that my income is nil so we went cute and sentimental.

I’m open to ideas. Hit me!


  1. Sentimental. It’s a milestone so I think sentimental. Photo album of fave memories? Or something you’ve been wanting to do together. Maybe name a star after her in that star registry thing of you really want to be out there or you think she’s “out of this world!” Lol! Maybe a night of you completely pampering her? Give her a full massage with scented bath, special toys for the fun afterwards? 😉 Or get her a sexy pair of heels and thank her for walking into your life? Then have her wear it that night? Along with some lingerie?

    Good luck! You guys have done great!

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