“Own it.” Job Interviewing fun.

So, I had an interview today.  I’ve been having a lot lately. Today was an online advertising company that I applied to and a friend, Bob, pushed my resume to his friend in the company who then sent it to the hiring manager.

Networking, baby!

That was on Monday. I thanked Bob for the endorsement. He said “You’re welcome. Own it.”

That’s a common phrase and Bob and I have used on each other countless times over the years.

I normally prep for a company by learning a lot about it, naturally.  I basically transcribe the website into a notebook and mark questions as I go.

But this time I gave myself more time.  In fact, 2 days, not 1. Tuesday I did most of the transcribing. Wednesday was more looking up articles and current events about the company.

And it showed.

It was a Skype video call which helped.  I’m nothing if not amiable and it’s better conveyed visually. I wore a suit too. Full Windsor Knot, of course. Even my funky dress socks and my dress shoes. I was not playing around.


The initial 15 minutes went the same as it usually does. He describes the company, I describe my background. The next 15 minutes is usually my questions, if I have any.

And boy did I!

A few general ones about the position “tell me about the teams I’ll be working with” and so on.

But then I asked 4 or 5 good questions about the company. I like when someone says “that’s a great question.”

And he said “that’s a great question.” At least once.  Maybe twice.

Now I wait a bit but I definitely came to play today, was prepared and owned it. I feel it went very well.


  1. Sounds like that, not only did you “own it” but you showed it “who’s da Boss!” That was “Boss” with a capital “B!”

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