A $500 Monthly Commute: Job Search Fun

So this just in. I interviewed with a company last Thursday and they want to call me in for a second interview.

Awesome, right?!

Where is the company? New Jersey.  About an hour west then south from my humble abode here in Kings County (Brooklyn.)

Now, Brooklyn is on the western tip of Long Island. And between Brooklyn and New Jersey is Staten Island. That’s right, what I’m saying is that to cross to Staten Island then cross to New Jersey I have to cross TWO BRIDGES.

And bridges cost money. Now, I have an electronic tag on my car, EZ Pass. Many on the east coast use EZ Pass. Helps us go through tolls easy.

Get it? Easy…EZ?

Anyway, using EZ Pass does get a discount on the bridges. But still, the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge plus the Goethals Bridge would be roughly $23 PER DAY.

x5 days X 4 weeks were looking at roughly $470. Add an extra day because most months >28 days and we’re looking at nearly $500 PER MONTH. Maybe more.

And we’re not even talking about gas money yet. But $500 is a nice round number so I’ll use that.

Plus it’s an hour each way if there’s no traffic.

(I’m going to take a time out here just to describe commuting in the NY area. So in the burbs you can drive to work and end it. If you work in Manhattan,  if people live near their NYC office buildings they can of course walk to work.  Those FUCKERS. Most don’t and at least have to pay for subway. A monthly card costs $116. I’ve alrways lived in some subway range.  People who live outside the subway system sometimes take another railroad into Manhattan from Long Island, New Jersey, Upstate NY, etc. They vary in price but a friend pays about $275 for a monthly ticket on top of his monthly subway Metrocard so we’ll use that as a reference. So he pays almost $400 a month. Those are the types of numbers we’re talking about.)

I think you’re starting to pick up my subtle hint that working at this place in NJ would be a BITCH. Granted, I haven’t gotten an offer yet, there could be one coming that makes up for it. But I’m not holding my breath.

“So GRex, why would you even consider working there?”

Because, faithful reader, at this rate I have to take something, even if it’s a band aid for now. I’m beyond the point where I can be choosy. My back is against the wall.

Now, who knows if I’ll even get the job? I do think I’m well qualified and the company is very similar to my previous company.

The other wild card here?


Mona lives about an hour east of me, yet the job is an hour WEST of me. So if I’m traveling an hour WEST for work from my current apartment I’d have to travel at least an hour east to go home, then at least ANOTHER hour to Mona. So in all likelihood we’ll have to say goodbye to our weekday dates.


And here I was thinking that once in land a job I’d move CLOSER to her. But I really have no choice. I have to pursue this like everything else and see what comes.


Does anybody else have a commute like that?


  1. I’d tell you about my commute, which I hate, but it would just piss you off more. Almost hope this new job doesn’t pan out just so you can fine something closer to home & Mona.

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  2. For the record – I WAS 4 miles door to door, no expressways, 4 traffic lights and a stop sign. Took 10 minutes in nice weather, 20 minutes in a blizzard. Now that my office has moved, I have 23 miles, all but 3 are expressway, directly through what counts as downtown for us. If I get moving early & beat the rush, it takes 30 minutes. If I get stuck with all the lemmings headed into/thru downtown, it may take 35 – 40. If we’re getting nasty lake effect snow it’s an hour using my secret long-cut method that avoids all the sheeple going the normal way and taking 3 hours. But no bridge tolls, no expressway tolls, No EZPass at all. Just 2+ gallons of gas a day.

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  3. I drive 90 + minutes roundtrip regularly for work, sometimes up to 4 hours a day. (It’s primarily appointment-based, so depending on location, time of day, etc, it can vary quite a bit.) I think, drive-time wise, an hour is not at all unusual.

    The tolls, though. Ugh.

    I know someone who does the opposite commute to what you’re considering (lives in Jersey, works in the city), and he works remotely (from home) 2-4 days a week, which helps. Otherwise he buses. Would that be an option for you? Or train?

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