Cuddling is great but being exhaled on freaks me out

Yes, dating life is great.  Mona is wonderful. Love love love.


I’ll cuddle as much as anybody.  Physical touch? Good. Warm, good smelling partner? GOOD. Endorphins flowin’? GREAT.

So what’s the big deal, Rex?

Sometimes she does the ol’ Lay Her Head On My Chest thing. What’s not cool about that, I ask you? I got some decent pecs. All is good.

Then sometimes we cuddle or sleep with our heads touching. Ok good stuff too. Kissing fun and nuzzling.

But… watch where your nostrils are pointing, dammit! Not necessarily, Mona only, just women in general I’ve been with. If the head is close and pointed in such a way that a woman’s nasal exhale blasts me in the face…

That… my friends… skeevs me the eff out.

I know our nasal direction isn’t at the top of our minds, it just happens.  Fair enough. But a warm/hot focused shot of air like that is GROSS. If I suddenly shift in cuddle position, that’s why.

PS This also applies to taller people on a crowded subway too. Not that I cuddle strangers on subways. Just when someone taller than me is standing next to me it can happen.

PPS I know I’m probably guilty of hitting someone with a nasal air missle too. Mona’s much shorter than me too. I’ll ask.


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