High Blood Pressure

Now, I don’t think I blogged about this, but I’ve had some high blood pressure issues lately. A few weeks back when I donated platelets, my bp was measured at 120/90 (normal is 120/80.) So ok, a little high.

But I’ve since my BP taken at one of those machines in those big pharmacies and it spat out a 144/96. I hear they’re pretty accurate.

Uh oh. That’s ungood. So much so that I went to my doctor. There I came in at

Hmmmm. Now to her credit,  my doctor didn’t want to give me meds right away,  just suggested a curb of my diet and exercise at bit. Namely, lighten up/eliminate caffeine and alcohol and up my physical activity.

I do have a family history of heart disease so I’m getting a stress test tomorrow too.

I’ve since moved my yoga from YouTube practice to every day.  I like it. I need flexibility. It also hits muscles I don’t normally hit. Good stuff.

I also want to curb my diet a bit, lighten up on the loads of bread and sugar I normally eat. That was going ok…


Friday, I had one slice of pizza. Twice.  So ok, TWO slices of pizza but at different times of the day. Then I saw a friend at a bar. We had Artichoke Dip with nachos. And red wine.  I intended to have only one but that became FOUR. Ugh.

And last night with Mona was very much a cheat day. Beside the lavish, rich meal there were a couple glasses of white wine too. Maybe 3.


Today, I went for another bp test.


Well I’ll be. Blood pressure sure is a fickle mistress.

Anyway, back to resume my eating low sugar, low carb, low alcohol, low caffeine. Continue doing yoga. I’ll even jog a mile and a half here or there.

Let’s see how low this bitch will go.


  1. Blood pressure it a tricky little bitch. Mine has always been on the low side. No matter what I ate, my size or fitness status. A year and a half out of a heart attack and open heart surgery , it’s even lower. Typically 87/52 average. I have dizzy spells if I get up too fast and nearly faint if I have to hustle, like the dog hauls ass out the front door and I jump up to go after her. They say it’s mostly genetics but not always. I can’t get mine up but I know even an hour of power walking a day can bring high down 😊

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    • @Rainbows,
      Your bp numbers are too close. Have the doctor check your potassium level. And I would take some magnesium too. B complex and CoQ10 would be good too.
      My hubby had some stents put I. And also a heart attack with open heart surgery too. The dizzyness is a lack of oxygen getting to the brain. He has been through that too. Bananas are a good source of potassium, but you may need supplements too.

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      • @donuts. We’ve been struggling with my low BP and an extremely fast heart rate since my heart attack, open heart and bypass. I added a slew of vitamins and eat extremely clean and healthy. My potassium has been a nightmare since they took me off heart-lung bypass machine. Drs. Are baffled. I think the CoQ10 is the only thing I not taking. I’ll check it out. Thank you! ~K

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  2. Lol I always find myself laughing hysterically to your posts, not at them of course. 😉

    “Friday, I had one slice of pizza. Twice.”
    This was the icing on the cake. ha.

    Good luck with the diet and exercise! Oh and who would have ever thought yoga was so hardcore? Lol

    ~ slave bri

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  3. Don’t read a lot into a single BP reading, Take the reading you did at the pharmacy. You had to be walking some to get to the machine. Strolling around the store, walking in from the parking lot, etc. The machine (should) tell you to sit there for 5 minutes before testing your BP. We rarely do it because frequently there’s someone else (im)patiently waiting for their turn, so we hurry and get a false high. Still, what you’re doing to try to lower your BP can’t hurt and is all good stuff.

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  4. Rex,
    Yes yoga can get your muscles toned quite well.
    But it is worth it. Plus the concentration. I need to get back into it.
    Qi Dong is good too. Once you get used to all of that, it becomes easy like breathing.

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  5. Ain’t it a bitch when one has to diet! With me it’s diabetes and I love my chocolate ;( Luckily with diet and sugar free candy, I don’t need to stab myself. Lets take care of ourselves GR so we can keep on keeping on 🙂

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