…Through My Stomach

As in “The way to a man’s (my) heart is…”

Yesterday, Mona came over for Saturday #2 in a row. Lots of
-cuddling (basic and advanced),
-watching tv (THREE Game of Thrones season 2 episodes, I’m catching her up and she LOVES IT)

For dinner, we had steak, asparagus and mushrooms and we cooked the steak and asparagus on the Himalayan Salt Block that I got her for Christmas.



I had a shell steak, she had filet. DAMN it was great.  All of it. We (ok, she) marinated the steak so we couldn’t tell the seasoning the salt block alone adds but DAMN it was good.

But then for the Pièce de Résistance…
Cheesecake dip with Chocolate Chips.


“Delicious” just doesn’t describe how good it was. “Rich.” “Sinful.” “Stupid” is more accurate because it just boggled the mind how goes it was.


If you’re curious where Mona got the recipe, she got it on this page from Allrecipes. Only she read reviews and used 3 tablespoons of butter instead of the one entire stick that’s called for. It was incredible with the 3 tbsps.

She warned me that eating the dip was going to lock me up, and I gotta say, she makes a strong case ; )


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