Stand Out By Following Up

Ok. Real quick.  I applied to a yob last week.  One that I think I’m really qualified for.  Submitted my resume. I even asked an ex colleague to forward my resume to the hiring manager.  He did.

And I’ve still heard nothing.

Then I noticed that LinkedIn sometimes gives the name of the person who posted the job opportunity.

So I figured out what her email address would be and on Wednesday I emailed her a “Hey, hi. I applied last week.  I think I’m perfect for this job she here’s why” email.

Well, on Friday I heard back and we have an interview set up for next week.

Bonus round: I applied for a job at a different company in EARLY February. A friend networked into the company and I heard that I was being passed on for whatever reason.

Today, April 8th, I get an email from that company asking to set up an interview.

Job searching is kooky. I just never know.



  1. Good look. I just had a job interview on Thursday, for a job I was recommended for by a former coworker’s husband. There’s just me and 2 others being considered for it. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

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