The Tao of Joseph Gordon Levitt aka Clear Your Browsing History

Mona came over this weekend. Apartment was clean… Woman Ready.

Five minutes before she arrived, I remembered a lesson taught in the Joseph Gordon Levitt/Scarlett Johanson movie Don Jon (written by JGL too), namely…


Now, I know I’ve written about me going on a porn break… but let’s face it… even Gratuitous Rex is only human, ifyouknowui’msayin.

“But what are the chances that Mona will use my laptop? Everyone uses their phones these days.”

“Just do it!”

“Ok ok.”

Mona comes in. Love love love, bella nice nice. We settle on the couch and chill, talk about future plans, going to a nice restaurant.

“Let’s look at the menu. Where’s your laptop?”


Damn, that was close. Although we’re on the Locomotive of Love barreling down a mountain, there are still some things she doesn’t need to know about me.

Thank you, Joseph Gordon Levitt!


  1. I’ll second your motion to clear your internet history before the family visits. Or just regularly. I have a love/hate relationship with Chrome at the moment. You know how when you open a new tab in Chrome? Mine goes to a Google page that shows small screen shots of your 10 most frequently visited sites. On my work PC it’s not an issue, but on my home PC? Oy vey! My daughter in law grabbed my laptop once to go search for something and I had to intercept it and get her to a regular google search page – NOT the new tab option. Gotta remember to go there and clean that out every couple of weeks too. Might give the kids the wrong impression!

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